Complete Works for Flute • 1

Ryoanji • Two • Three Pieces for Flute Duet • Music for Two

Katrin Zenz, Flute

This first volume of John Cage’s complete works for flute spans a fifty year period, from the Three Pieces for Flute Duet of 1935—deft studies in chromatic writing—to the 1984 Ryoanji, which involves the use of pre-recorded flutes and percussion with resultant diverse and intricate textures. Two is the first of Cage’s important ‘number’ series and is edgily ruminative, while Music for Two, written for any combination of the 17 different instrumental ‘parts without scores’ provided by the composer, is heard in an arrangement described by Katrin Zenz as a ‘new piece for flute and piano’. @ 2015 Naxos




·      Giorgos Koumendakis «Forget Me» (2009) for solo flute

Hellenic Music Center (05/2011)


·      Ulrich Michels, «Atlas zur Musik» Bd I&II (dtv 1977), Uebersetzung ins Griechische «Atlas tis Mousikis» Bd I&II (Philippos Nakas Editions 1995)


In preparation:

·      Giorgos Couroupos «Elegie» (1970) for Alto flute

Transcription by Katrin Zenz, Hellenic Music Center (2012)


·      Fani Kossona «Diathlassis» (2009) for solo flute, Hellenic Music Center (2012)


·      Michalis Adamis «Melisma» (1980) for Mezzo-soprano and flute, Hellenic Music Center (2012)



Επιμέλεια εκδόσεων


·      Γιώργος Κουμεντάκης «Forget Me» (2009) για σόλο φλάουτο

Hellenic Music Center, 05/2011


·      Ulrich MIchels, Άτλας της μουσικής τόμοι I&II (συνεργάτις στη μετάφραση από τα Γερμανικά στα Ελληνικά)



·      Γιώργος Κουρουπός «Elégie» (1970) για Άλτο φλάουτο

           Μεταγραφή: Κατερίνα Τσεντς

Hellenic Music Center (2015)


·      Φανή Κοσώνα «Διάθλασσις» (2009) για σόλο φλάουτο

           Hellenic Music Center (2015)


·      Μιχάλης Αδάμης “Μέλισμα” (1980) για φλάουτο και φωνή

Hellenic Music Center (2015)